Privacy notice


I offer a private and confidential service to all my clients. I would not normally give your name or any information from or about you except for my private supervisor; which is a professional requirement. Any information that a supervisor receives is also treated as confidential and subject to the same ethical criteria as therapy.

However, there are some exceptions where disclosure may be necessary; for example, if there is a risk to the safety of yourself or another person, or when required by law. Whenever possible and if it is considered appropriate I will endeavour to let you know of my concerns and seek the best way forward with you.

Violence and abuse is an issue for many people who come to couple counselling for help with their relationship and it may not be safe to work with both partners together. If this is so, I will help each partner to explore other options.

Data processor and controller

As a private practitioner, I’m considered the data processor and controller in my practice. As the data controller, I process some of your personal data. During the assessment process information such as next of kin, family members and medication are gathered and held. This is anonymised, coded and securely stored. No one but me can access this information.

Data Processing means obtaining, recording or holding information. The definition is very wide, and most of what I do involves a degree of processing. I process the personal data I have collected as controller. I maintain records of personal data and processing activities and hold responsibility should there be a breach.


This is a primary concern and is separate to other terms and conditions. As my client, you can withdraw consent at any time. I hope to offer you choice and control. As a therapist who occasionally uses creative interventions, I want to ensure you know that any drawings or art done in session is yours. I will store this material safely and dispose of it in a timely manner. I will never use any of your data/artworks for writing, publishing, research or training purposes. .

Note keeping.

I do not keep process notes. When I decide to do so I shred and dispose of this confidential material asap, often after supervision. I keep minimal content notes which I hold for seven years. After this time frame, they’re disposed of securely. You have a right to see the information I hold about you should you wish to. You have a right to change any information which you consider to be incorrect. You can also ask me to delete all/any of the information that I hold. There are however some details I need to keep due to legal and professional obligations.

Data Storage.

  • I promise to keep all sensitive data safely. I dispose of emails on a 7-year basis
  • I do not engage with clients through any social media.
  • In the event of a complaint.  Please contact me directly.

Clinical will

In the event of a sudden cessation of practice for example, through an accident or death, I have appointed a professional executor who manage things on my behalf. This is arranged for your welfare as my client and every step is taken to ensure GDPR standards are met.