room-4“Thank you for your help over the past few years with difficulties experienced in my childhood. These sessions have been invaluable and given me the chance to confront the past and ultimately move on to lead a happier and less fearful life from a different perspective”.
Female, aged 57.

“Thank you so much for your commitment over the last two years. My sessions have been very important to me and you have guided me through difficult issues and helped me overcome my fears. I will never forget you and the work we faced; there have been many powerful moments.”
Female, aged 27.

“The individual counselling sessions I have had with Janine have been the most worthwhile help I Have had in years. She is so easy to talk to, but doesn’t let you ‘get away’ with anything. Having someone that can halt you and make you dig into something with the gentleness that Janine does, is a rare skill. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it has been helpful on so many levels and I am incredibly grateful that Janine turned up as my counsellor. I have seen others over the years with nowhere near the insight that she has helped me find.
Female, aged 55.

Permission granted.